Hello Jekyllers!

This is a small release containing fixes for some issues that came to our attention after the release of v4.3.1:

  • Our link tag had a significant performance regression with the release of v4.3.0 solely due to a change related to Jekyll::Site#each_site_file. The new patch restores previous performance while maintaining the enhancements introduced in v4.3.0.
  • The tables printed out on running a build with the --profile did not stop including the misleading TOTALS row as advertised in the release-notes for v4.3.0. The row has been removed completely now.
  • jekyll-sass-converter-3.0.0 that shipped in the interim was not happy with our blank-site scaffolding (from running jekyll new <path> --blank) having a main.scss stylesheet template import a Sass partial also named main.scss. So the partial has been renamed to base.scss.

That’s about it for this release. Depending on whether you use the features patched in this release, you may either wait for v4.4.0 (releasing in the near future) to update your Gemfile or, download the latest release right away! :)

Happy Jekyllin’!!