3.6.2 is out, it’s a tiny patch release and we invite you to run bundle update if you want to avoid possible build problems with:

  • some UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded files,
  • fully numeric layout names (we convert those to string for you now).

Other changes include updates to our documentation, like this complete video series by Giraffe Academy aimed at complete beginners. A big thanks to Mike for this.

And if you’re wondering what happened to version 3.6.1, it was just our new release maintainer getting familiar with the release process. 😄

We try to release patch releases as quickly as possible and we’re already working on the next minor version 3.7.0 that will allow you to store all your collections in a single directory. Stay tuned.

Theme developers are invited to test the brand new jekyll-remote-theme plugin and give their feedback to @benbalter. This plugin allows you to use any GitHub hosted theme as a remote theme!

Once again, many thanks to our contributors who helped make this release possible: ashmaroli, bellvat, Frank Taillandier, i-give-up, Jan Piotrowski, Maximiliano Kotvinsky, Oliver Steele and Pat Hawks. For some it was their first contribution to open-source 👏

As it’s been nine years this week that Tom Preston-Werner started this project, I also wanna seize this opportunity to thank all of the 732 contributors who helped make it possible for Jekyll to power millions of websites around the world today.

Happy Birthday Jekyll! 🎂