Hello Jekyllers!

It’s time for yet another release that includes enhancements, optimizations and bug-fixes. Highlights of this release are:

  • Jekyll now supports rendering excerpts for pages in addition to documents and posts.
  • The where_exp filter got enhanced. Earlier, one could just use either and or or once per expression. Now, one may use those binary operators multiple times in the filter’s expression.
  • Jekyll has a new set of filters based on its flavor of the where and where_exp filters. Named find and find_exp filters respectively, they work similar to their ancestors except that they return the first object that satisfies the given conditions.
  • Jekyll’s number_of_words filter can now take an optional argument to better count words of text containing Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters.
  • One may now use :slugified_categories in their permalink configurations to generate a more apt URL (categories are downcased and non-alphanumeric characters replaced by dashes) for their for posts and documents.
  • The logic for slugifying a given string has been enhanced to support more Unicode characters.
  • If you face issues from Jekyll importing a config file bundled within a theme, you can now disable the import entirely by setting ignore_theme_config: true in your site’s configuration file.
  • If you face issues from Jekyll’s disk-caching feature, you can now disable the mechanism without opting to build in safe mode, by either setting disable_disk_cache: true in your configuration file or by passing the CLI switch --disable-disk-cache to jekyll build or jekyll serve commands.
  • When you build a site with the --profile switch, Jekyll will now additionally output a small table showing the amount of time taken during various stages of the build process.
  • Jekyll’s development server now supports certificates based on Elliptic-curve cryptography.

For the interest of plugin authors:

  • Excerpts won’t be generated for Jekyll::Page subclasses automatically unless such instances have an excerpt key in their data hash.

For the interest of gem-based theme authors:

  • From v4.1.0 onwards, a newly generated theme workspace (via jekyll new-theme ...) will have the gemspec configured to bundle a _config.yml at the root of the workspace. If you don’t wish to include the configuration file in the released gem, please remove |_config\.yml from the regular expression in the gemspec.

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Thank you!! :bow:

We are thankful to our community for all the contributions that helped shape this release. Special thanks to the following 78 contributors (in alphabetical order) who made this release possible and took the time to submit a pull request:

Aaron Adams, Aaron K Redshaw, Alexandre Zanni, Anindita Basu, Arthur Zey, Artyom Tokachev, Ashwin Maroli, Atlas Cove, Ben Stolovitz, Billy Kong, Christian Oliff, codenitpicker, csquare, Damien St Pierre, Daniel Leidert, David Zhang, ddocs, dgolant, dkalev, Dmitry Egorov, dotnetCarpenter, Edward Thomson, Eric Knibbe, Frank Taillandier, Gabriel Rubens, Gareth Mcshane, Grzegorz Kaczorek, guanicoe, Harry Wood, HTeuMeuLeu, iBug, İsmail Arılık, Itay Shakury, Ivan Gromov, Ivan Raszl, J·Y, James Buckley, Jason Taylor, JC, jeffreytse, Johan Wigert, jonas-krummenacher, Justin Jia, Kayce Basques, Kieran Barker, Leo, Liam Bigelow, lizharris, Lizzy Kate, Luis Puente, Mark Bennett, Matt Penna, Matt Rogers, matt swanson, Max Chadwick, michaelcurrin, Mike Kasberg, Mike Neumegen, Muhammed Salih, Nikhil Benesch, Paramdeo Singh, Patrik Eriksson, Phil Nash, Philip Eriksson, R.P. Pedraza, Radoslav Karlík, Riccardo Porreca, sharath Kumar, Simone Arpe, Takashi Udagawa, Tobias Klüpfel, Toby Glei, vhermecz, Viktor Szakats, Ward Sandler, wzy, XhmikosR, Zlatan Vasović.