Greetings Jekyllers! Jekyll v4.2.0 is out!

This release gives you a new hook named :post_convert that allows modifying rendered HTML contents before they are placed into the designated layout(s).

Detecting files that get written into the same destination path has been a part of the diagnostics from jekyll doctor for quite some time now. However, v4.2 has integrated that feature into the build process itself.

On the topic of log output, the --verbose output got a bit more verbose. Instead of just showing documents that are being read, the output will now also show pages and layouts that are being read into the site.

Additionally, we have stopped overriding the site.url to http://localhost:4000 in absolute URLs while developing via jekyll serve.

As always, you can go through the full list of changes if you are interested in the various memory-allocation optimizations made to Jekyll.

Special thanks to our community members who helped improving Jekyll codebase and documentation from v4.1.1: Adam Alton, Alex Malaszkiewicz, Alexey Pelykh, Brittany Joiner, bytecode1024, Christopher Brown, Chuck Houpt, Corey Megown, Dan Nemenyi, Enrico Tolotto, fauno, Felix Breidenstein, Francesco Bianco, Frank Taillandier, Gabriel Staples, iBug, Jacobo Vidal, jaybe@jekyll, jesuslerma, jnozsc, joelkennedy, Joe Marshall, Liam Cooke, Lou Rectoret, Malathi, m-naumann, Nicholas Paxford, Nikita Skalkin, Parker Moore, Pratyaksh Gautam, Rachel Cheyfitz, SaintMalik, Seeker, Shannon Kularathna, Steven Xu, Takuya N, Thelonius Kort and Toby Glei.